Aug 042011

After the recent deal to increase America’s debt limit, a lot of Democrats in Congress and some political pundits complained about the Republicans. They complained about how unreasonable Republicans were, how irresponsible they were, how unwilling to compromise and how they were will to take the nation to the brink of catastrophe to get their way.

Everything the Democrats have said about the congressional Republicans is true.

Now if only there was someone out there who could stand up to these Republicans and their dastardly plans? If only there were people in Congress who could vote against the Republicans’ plans. If only there were people in Congress who fought just as hard as the Republicans and refused to roll over every time it got tough. If only there were people who said they would be willing to compromise, in the end, but not on any terms and if that meant catastrophe, it would not be their fault. If only these people knew that if you aren’t prepared to walk away from a negotiation, that you will get absolutely nothing.

If only the Democrats weren’t so completely and utterly useless.

Democrats make themselves sound like they are the victims of a mugging! No! The vast majority of America are the victims and the Democrats are the standers-by who did nothing to stop the mugging taking place. You could even say that as they control the Whitehouse and the Senate, they aren’t even standers-by, they are armed cops who decide for the sake of everyone involved not to interfere with the mugging in case someone gets hurt. Then they tell the people who got mugged to make sure they still vote for them to stay being the police or things might get really bad.

The Democrats complaining about how mean and nasty the Republicans are, is one of the most vomit-inducing aspects of this debt crisis and of politics recently.

Republicans fight for the interest of the small section of society they concerned about; a small, rich and powerful elite. Democrats don’t seem themselves as representing the workers that make up the vast majority of society and that’s why they won’t fight for them. Democrats want a deal with the American ruling class and that’s why they won’t fight. They would rather lose, every time, than fight.

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