Jun 022015

Many people decry the idea of the United States being a global policeman – intervening militarily around the world. But what about when we need an actual global policeman; a police agency to investigate wrong doing in an organisation that crosses international boundaries and is seemingly beyond the scope of any single national justice system?

FIFA is an international body that is utterly corrupt in a way that involves massive amounts of money. Could the justice system of any country, apart from the United States, possibly attempt to hold FIFA and its officials accountable for their actions?

Would anyone trust or have confidence in the law enforcement agencies of Russia or China to do the job? Or Britain, France or Germany for that matter? People would question such an organisation’s authority or competence. The FBI and the United States Justice Department is another matter.

And make no mistake, corruption in FIFA does matter. It may not be immediately obvious that it’s of massive importance – world cups are international sporting tournaments that work incredibly well and are hugely popular. But the corruption around such a prestigious international organisation has the effect of normalising corruption all around the world. The future well being of international football is not clear as well. A world cup in scorching Qatar built upon the deaths of hundreds of workers? The reputation of FIFA and international football may be irrecoverably affected. What a pity it would be to lose having a respected and admired world cup tournament.

For those of us who often criticise the United States, it’s an uncomfortable truth that the world occasionally needs a global policeman, and the United States is the only player up to the job.

A final thought though – it’s prohibited to take bribes but no-one thinks of prosecuting anybody when worker after worker dies – that’s not illegal even if it is a fair worse crime.

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